2017 VW Touareg Release Date

2017 VW Touareg Release Date – seems to want to show the world that the Touareg is one sport utility vehicle the best that ever existed on Earth. That’s why the Touareg-which was first introduced in public at the Paris Motor Show on September 27, 2002 2002-as if never stop tested. In just 15 months after his first appearances at the Paris Motor Show, made a two-Race Touareg and rally event included in the terganas in the world, Dakar rally, which reached 11000 kilometres in January 2004. Target charged to two Race-Touareg unit it is merely a happy finish line.

However, the results achieved are much better than what was targeted. Jutta Kleinschmidt, Germany, origin of pereli women who previously was the Mitsubishi pereli, won one of the stages; and one unit of another Race-Touareg driven Bruno Saby, French pereli, ranks sixth overall.The following year, in 2005, the achievement of the Race-Touareg at Dakar rally repaired. Jutta Kleinschmidt overall grabbed the third position, behind Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution team winning the first and second positions.

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Achievements Touareg doesn’t stop there. On 29 January, Touareg driven Ojos del Salado mountain climbing, Chile, with an elevation of 6080 m. The record was achieved with the Touareg team battled cold winds and lack of oxygen was on 16 February and then recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. The ability of the Touareg conquered terrain-difficult terrain that’s in line with its name. The name of the Touareg was diambilkan from the name of the people living in the region of the Sahara desert, Africa, known as the Knights of the desert due to their ability to adapt to difficult conditions.

IT TURNS OUT that this is not all. The current Touareg also tested to conquer the world by trying to cross the five continents. Dreaming about something a lot of people. Touareg which bore diesel engines (TDI) currently carry out around the World Travel 360 degrees (360Ã ‘ Â ° World Tour) as far as 53000 kilometers. Starting from Alaska (United States) through the Andes to Tierra del Fuego, across Australia, Asia, and Africa, as well as from Dakar to Wolfsburg.

Participants gain experience that is unique and of course they got to test the limits of its ability. For most of them, the trip was the culmination of all the way. And, for the first time, the adventure as it was open to the public. Most of the attendees were people who liked adventurous and wanted to fulfill his dream of traveling the world. For most participants, the following stages are considered enough already, but there are also ordered to follow several stages.

2017 VW Touareg Changes

Travel round the world 360 Degrees with the Touareg offers pure experience on each day that passed.

The convoy that departed from the Touareg Alaska in July 2004. Five of the 13 stages of the already completed since that time. The Americas have already conquered. Travel from Prudhoe Bay passes through the Rocky Mountains to Moab, past the Grand Canyon via Puebla and Caracas to La Paz, over the Andes to Santiago in Chile, and finally wading through the Strait of Magellan towards Tirra del Fuego test participants up to the limit of his ability, good person or his car.

There are still eight adventures await the Touareg and its passengers. Journey across Australia starting from Sydney on March 6, 2005 and up in Alice Springs on 19 March 2005, and then from there past the Ayers Rock and will arrive in Perth on April 2, 2005.

The convoy that will explore the Touareg Asia from May to June in three stages. The first pass through the Wall from Beijing China to Mongolia towards Ulan Bator. From there, across the Gobi desert following the Silk Road heading to Kathmandu, capital of Nepal, through the Himalayas. Finally, passing through India, the Ganges River and arrives at Mumbai (formerly Bombay) on July 2, 2005.

In August, an estimated 38000 kilometres from 53000 kilometers had been completed. And, the Touareg will be exploring Africa which is divided into three stages. From Nairobi (Kenya) to Victoria falls in Livingstone, then through the marshes, forests, and grasslands to Cape Town (10 September 2005). Finally, through Dakar to Europe, and returned to the city which is the origin of the Volkswagen, Wolfsburg. It is estimated that Touareg convoy will arrive in Wolfsburg on October 29, 2005. A special stage of the Nile towards Nigeria would be offered if the security situation in the country was possible.

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