2016 Toyota TE-Spyder 800 Hybrid Release Date

2016 Toyota TE-Spyder 800 Hybrid Release Date- Toyota engineers are the people who working to improve specials-a vehicle that is reliable, affordable and versatile to the wider community during the day, while at night they also continued working on their sideline job, building a car like the one here for example. It’s been no secret if Toyota is one of the largest automotive brand not only in Asia but also the whole world. The greatness of their course and not none other is thanks to Toyota engineers are behind the greatness of Toyota products. Although burdened by the task of company, Toyota engineers creative hand seems to refuse to be silent while the task is fulfilled, the engineers incorporated in Toyota’s Engineering Society still had time to create a car tech plug-in hybrid ‘ Galaxy ‘ like this one. The concept car hand-build has been created by Toyota’s Engineering Society and was adopted at Tokyo Auto Salon this year under the name TE-Spyder 800. This technology brings the car and plug-in hybrid.

2017 Toyota TE-Spyder 800 Hybird

Sport Compact seems to be inspired from the MR2 and the Prius at the same time. They used the mid-range configuration engine ala the legendary lightweight sports cars that are affordable and are backed by the same hybrid drive train as the Toyota Prius. This car weighs right on 1000 Kg, and the battery has been relocated to the central tunnel, while the hybrid system so can acceleration 0-100 Km/h can be achieved in 6.5 seconds. This car is quite handsome and looks like fun to drive, and who knows one day Toyota will decide to give the GT 86 smaller brother is based on this concept. Named TE-Spyder 800, this compact sports car exhibited in a show Tokyo Auto Salon 2014. Inspired by the model of the MR2 and Toyota Prius, TE-Spyder 800 comes with mid-range configuration engine and hybrid engines belonging to the Toyota Prius.

2016 Toyota TE-Spyder 800 Hybird

Car weight about 1000 kg and hybrid engines that are already on the modification, the sports car concept is capable of sprinting from 0-100 km/h within 6.2 seconds. See his ability that cannot be taken lightly and the appearance which is also cool, it is not impossible if the TE-Spyder 800 it would actually adopted by Toyota to be the successor of the GT 86.

2016 Toyota TE-Spyder 800 Engine

2017 Toyota TE-Spyder 800 engine

2016 Toyota TE-Spyder 800 Interior

2017 Toyota TE-Spyder 800 Hybird interior seat

2017 Toyota TE-Spyder 800 Hybird interior seat

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