2016 Nissan Terrano price and specification

2016 Nissan Terrano price and specification - Flashback in 1995, Terrano birth began when Toshiyuki Shiga who at that time was arepresentative of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. in Indonesia wanted to made a breakthrough by presenting the flagship car of interest product market. Terrano is chosen because it has the advantage-advantage while the uniqueness that fits thecharacter of the market of Indonesia at the time. The plan was thus not running as smooth as expected. Bring Terrano directly from Japan in a format Completely built-up (CBU) and drive 4 × 4 definitely have an effect on the price of selling. It causedsystem pentarifan import duty for CBU tax and vehicle drive 4 × 4 more expensive. To that end, Shiga who now served as COO of Nissan Motor Co. Ltd., decided to assemble a Nissan SUV in Indonesia (CKD, Completely Knocked-Down).Any selected drive system system 4 × 2 is more familiar to the market of Indonesia and to suppress the selling price in order to be more competitive.


For the sake of realizing the Terrano CKD, need to do some adjustments in the procedure of the Assembly. Because the delivered Assembly system, Nissan Japan already apply the automation system relying on robots. Advanced process that isrequired in the form of re-imagining the tool Assembly by a special team headed by Suhardiman (now served as QA Manager CS NMI). Though stages it spent 3 months, but the results are worth it. The draft design and that is team Suhardiman which later became production guide Terrano from 1995 until the last production in December 2006. Acting as marketers, then Nissan Terrano are present in two variants: SGX andAJ Limited distributed under the umbrella of PT Wahana Wirawan as single agentBrand (ATPM) holder of Nissan in Indonesia, while PT ISMAC responsible in the production process. Over time, increased production capacity, who had 3 units per day of Terrano into 15 units per day. Responding to a positive market against Terrano, continues to develop and offer the latest models of the more riveting 2016 Nissan Terrano price and specification.


Just as the perpetrator of the automotive industry in General, wind gusts that blow in1997 in the form of a monetary crisis, many bring impact on Nissan. Even so, Nissan is still able to survive and continue to demonstrate its existence in Indonesia automotive scene. Terrano bear witness to history where this SUV is the first car produced by Nissan’s monetary.

The new ownership structure continues to strengthen Nissan’s image on the market and promoted public confidence to use Nissan’s products. In 2002, under the command of (NMI), Terrano back evolved. Besides minor changes on the Kings roadvariant Granroad, Terrano and marketed with entry-level models: Spirit.
At its plant in Cikampek area, besides the Terrano in CKD-kan, the next model of theno less sensational, Nissan X-Trail, also assembled in the country in 2003. It was first produced in 1995, undertook to determine the Terrano Nissantommyimage in Indonesia. The car is famous for reliable and resilient with a powerfulmachine. Proven although it’s been more than a decade, we saw Nissan Terranonumbered 02 production still in conditions of smooth and functioning optimally. Of course, this becomes a real evidence will be the quality of the Terrano.
2016-Nissan-Terrano-Interior Seat 2016-Nissan-Terrano-Interior 2016-Nissan-Terrano-Interior-Multimedia
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