2016 BMW X5 Hybrid Release Date

2016 BMW X5 Hybrid  Release Date Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW) AG immediately launch a concept sport utility vehicle (SUV), their latest BMW X 5 Hybrid. The battery-powered car prototypes and this machine will be exhibited at the Frankfurt AutoShow to 65, in September 2013. Autoweek preaching the concept cars BMW X 5 car hybrid SUV is the eDrive both launched BMW. The previous BMW introduced the concept of e-drive through Active SUV Tourer racing in 2012. These cars use a steering system all-wheel-drive xDrive.

The possibility of a BMW X 5 eDrive using gasoline engine 4-cylinder engine with TwinPower Turbo technology. This machine is in harmony with the electric motor powered 95 horsepower. BMW car boasted it could advance as far as 30 kilometres with electric power. This SUV can rate shot up to 120 kilometers per hour! Suitable for the incoming class of sports car.

Another feature is the Hybrid design of the BMW X 5. High-voltage battery that moves the car hidden installed such that it is free from the threat of collision and explosion due to short-circuit (shorting). This eliminates the concerns users vehicles fear that electric cars will be shorting if the engine is often exposed to water or collision.

2016 BMW X5 white

There are three options offered in the BMW concept car. The first option is a hybrid propulsion combines the kegarangan gasoline engine and electric motor performance of fuel-efficient. The second is the option for a full electric car, where the sepenuhhnya is driven by battery-powered electric motor that is energy efficient. Another option is the economy mode that keeps the battery performance on a certain level. In a written statement, BMW said in General fuel consumption BMW X 5 eDrive is quite efficient. If averaged, the fuel consumption of the car could reach 89.2 miles per gallon. Does it weigh quite light though not using carbon fiber frame material is ultra-lightweight. Unknown, when BMW X 5 EDribve sign in kitchen production and glide in dealer-dealer.

2016 BMW X5 Hybrid Xdrive

Many also call it by the term premium SUV (sport utility vehicle). X 5 is the pioneer inthe premium SUV class dancing on the asphalt like a sport sedan, but also reliable in the field of soil and rock. Gait X 5 followed by the successful Range Rover Sport,Porsche Cayenne, and a host of other luxury SUVS.


Now, the X 5 makes a breakthrough with the present version of the plug-in hybrid. Aninnovative step that shocked the world and also the competing. Plug-in hybridpropulsion system is a car that combines fuel engine with battery power, but the battery it can be filled with an electric socket at home or in the electrical charging stations.


The difference of plug-in hybrid with a regular hybrid lies in the ability of therechargeable battery with a home power socket or electrical charging stations that.On a regular hybrid, the battery can only be recharged with the kinetic energy of the car’s engine.
2016 BMW X5 Hybrid Redesigns 2016 BMW X5 Hybrid Interior 2016 BMW X5 Hybrid Interior Seat 2016 BMW X5 Hybrid Interior multimediacannot be recharged with electrical sockets.
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